Well, I currently work for 3M's Telecom Systems Division as an Advanced Project Engineer. 

            I am assigned projects that have deadlines which I need to meet.  It is my responsibility to 
            manage these projects from beginning (design) till end.  I work in conjunction w/ the lab, tech service, marketing and sales to deliver new products to the 
            market in a timely fashion for 3M's fiber optic business (VolitionTM).

Products that I have brought to the marketplace include the following:

Wall Outlets: 
  • Single Gang Wall Outlet Adapter
  • Double Gang Wall Outlet Base
  • Double Gang Wall Outlet Cover
  • Furniture Outlet Base
  • Furniture Outlet Cover
  • 80 x 80 mm, European Wall Outlet Cover
  • 80 x 80 mm, European Wall Outlet Base
  • 86 x 86 mm, European Wall Outlet Cover
  • 86 x 86 mm, European Wall Outlet Base
  • One Pack
  • Eight Pack

Termination Kit: 
  • Volition Termination Station Base
  • Volition Termination Station Door
  • Cleave Button
  • Puck Base
  • Puck Cover
  • Puck Face
  • Viewscope Adapter
  • VF-45 Quick Install Base
  • VF-45 Quick Install Door
  • VF-45 WQuick Install Plug
  • Slitter Button 

Fiber Optics:
  • Plastic Ferrule, ST Epoxy

Model 8000XGT:
  • Frame, Model 8000XGT
  • Trigger, Model 8000XGT
  • Base, Model 8000XGT

  • Battery Spacer, OTDR
  • SC Dust Caps, OTDR
  • ST Dust Caps, OTDR
  • Rubber Boot, OTDR 

2290 MM Test Set:
  • Rubber Boot, 2290 mm Test Set

 Network Aparatus
  • 3.0 - 21, Foam Sealed Enclosure
  • 4.0 - 21, Foam Sealed Enclosure